Dominik Jais is a German artist living in Finland. He is working with mixed media, mostly old computer parts like floppy disks, hard drives and circuit boards. His art is a continuous reflection about humanism, the human habitat and environment. Find selected works in the artwork section.

When the "Ruhrpott Part One - a new City" went online I got many hits. As the series was designed as a tetralogy I didn't expect that many hits straight from the beginning. Seems like people enjoying my atmospheric behind the scene photos of Essen and the Ruhr Area. Guess its the mixture of the cocktail that makes the photos outstanding.

On September the 1st I put the the second part of the series online: Ruhrpott Part Two - the night strike back

From 2008 to 2016 I was living in Essen, Germany. During that time I shot a lot of photos. When my wife and I decided to move to Finland in 2015 I started a reviewing process. I selected 100 photos which refelct my view of the city and its surroundings – the Ruhr-Area.

The series are in chronological order and consist of 4 parts. Part One – a new city is online since the first of June 2016. From there every 3 month follows another episode until in May 2017 the last episode is published.

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