Dominik Jais is a German artist living in Finland. He is working with mixed media, mostly old computer parts like floppy disks, hard drives and circuit boards. His art is a continuous reflection about humanism, the human habitat and environment. Find selected works in the artwork section.

From 2008 to 2016 I was living in Essen, Germany. During that time I shot a lot of photos. When my wife and I decided to move to Finland in 2015 I started a reviewing process. I selected 100 photos which refelct my view of the city and its surroundings – the Ruhr-Area.

The series are in chronological order and consist of 4 parts. Part One – a new city is online since the first of June 2016. From there every 3 month follows another episode until in May 2017 the last episode is published.

For the last 4 month I was working on a second series of the faces series. It is now ready. Find the Faces II series now online.

If you want a picture of your own on a floppy disk -> Get in contact.

There is an addional series is the make, so stay tuned.

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