acryl glass

die Wabe

die Wabe, analog interactive sculpture by Dominik Jais

Die Wabe (German for „the comb“) is an analog (or even digital) interactive sculpture (installation?) especially created for the landing of the C74 in November 2015.


Fortress of solidarity selector

Fortress of solidarity selector - interactive installation

The „Fortress of solidarity selector“ is an interactive video platform. The user puts a color stick into a tube to play and watch videos. The player starts as soon as one of the color sticks is put into the tube. The 3d-printed tube and the color stick lights during the playback.

It is important to note that all parts expect the 3d-prints are abandoned materials like mc cases, found wood plates, etc.


Circle III

Circle III - silk screen on a 3.5" hard drive plate

The 3rd work of the circle series. A reflection about the fragmentation of time and speed.


Who the wind blows

Where the wind blows - floppy disk artwork about environmental pollution

Germany is advanced in wind power. We have those modern "wind mills" everywhere. AND: thats good. We can't rely on fosile fuels. Sooner or later oil and gas is gone. AND: what then?



Single 3.5 floppy disk with Ruhrgebiet photo on it - secured by acryl glass

The broken lines of energy supply. What will happen if the energy supply will break down? Will we kill each other for the sake of having energy? The photo was taken at the Ruhrgebiet


so white the paper

Single 3.5 floppy disk with Industry photo on it - secured by acryl glass

We want more all the time. More new smartphones, more new computers - BUT we never think about where the more new comes from. We are so detached from earth that we produce and consume 24/7/365. And what do we leave behind?: an uninhabitable planet we leaf for the next generations to clean up. Is this the way we should live our lives? Certainly not. We are not on this planet to cause its collapse.

The photo was taken in Finland.


are you certain? (or do you still believe in politics)

Silk screen on hard drive disk. unique. first, awesome upcyling by artist Dominik Jais

Part of the brave new words series. Are you certain is the queston the viewer has to answer. The smaller letters in the background form words like SSL, Encryption, Wikileaks, Whistleblowing, etc. The brave new word series reflect on the words we learned since Edward Snowden leaked the NSA documents.

Silk screening on an open 3.5" hard drive driv. The print is protected by acrylic glass.



Protest - mixed media on 3.5" floppy disk - contemporary artwork

Right, right, left, left, right

Protesting - Contemporary artwork - silk screened on 3.5" floppy disk

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somebodys watching us

sombody is watchin you - protest image on 3.5" floppy disk

the photo was taken during students protests in Berlin back in 2004. During that time I elaborated on black and white photography together with other students who were living at the Victor Jara dorm in Berlin Biesdorf.

The photo is more current than ever. We get watched by whomever for the greater good of peace. In 2014 it still feels like that we are watched by the staate more than ever before. It feels like everything is known by someone - even if we don't know who this Mr or Ms "someone" is.