Single 3.5 floppy disk with Ruhrgebiet photo on it - secured by acryl glass

The broken lines of energy supply. What will happen if the energy supply will break down? Will we kill each other for the sake of having energy? The photo was taken at the Ruhrgebiet


so white the paper

Single 3.5 floppy disk with Industry photo on it - secured by acryl glass

We want more all the time. More new smartphones, more new computers - BUT we never think about where the more new comes from. We are so detached from earth that we produce and consume 24/7/365. And what do we leave behind?: an uninhabitable planet we leaf for the next generations to clean up. Is this the way we should live our lives? Certainly not. We are not on this planet to cause its collapse.

The photo was taken in Finland.


Uzi II

Uzi II - modern contemporary artwork - silk screen

PCB styled floppydiskism silk screening print.



Datenautobahn - floppy discs installation by Dominik Jais
Datenautobahn - zu sehen ist der unfertige Dross

Datenautobahn war eine temporäre Installation im Kleinen Theater Essen für den ersten Essener Artwalk 2012.
Die Datenautobahn besteht aus zwei Teilen. Der Informationspart bildet der Dross (disc cross) von ca. 250 Disketten. Die Oberflächendisketten zeigen ein Gemälde von einer Größe von ca. 1,5 x 1,5 welches zuerst gemalt und dann auf der Oberfläche verteilt wurde.
Den Transportpart bilden ca. 120 Festplatten-Platten welche rechteckig um den Dross angeordnet sind.



Play the world

Play the world - Floppy Disk installation by Artist Dominik Jais

When is enough enough, or in other words: How much does the world cost? Or: What are we leaving behind, only piles of garbage?
Play the world is concerned with environmental pollution mainly in the High-Tech fields or the pollution caused by these.



Trust - a question about whom to trust - floppydiskism by Dominik Jais

Trust - but whom? Do you trust multi nationals, or do you trust huge companies? Do you trust Monsanto or Vatenfall? Whom do you trust? Your parents? What is trust actully? So many questions?


Right, right, left, left, right

Protesting - Contemporary artwork - silk screened on 3.5" floppy disk

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The Police

the police - demonstration in Berlin, floppydisk artwork by artist Dominik Jais

This photo was taken during a students protest march in Berlin by me. Over the years I didn't find an appropriate format. Simple printing it on quality paper wasn't enough to transport the significance of the photo. With the lastet technique on getting photos onto floppy disks the time was right to get the protest series up on disks. Together with acrylics they undermine the importance of people protesting.


Ruhrgebiet II

Silk screening on floppy disks - Ruhrgebiet II

Again the Ruhrgebiet industry presented by their chimneys and the corresponding smoke.



ricky the dotcomm - a slik screen character of the dot com bubble

Ricky from the Dotcomms series.