3d-printing is a very interesting technology. From my point of view it is state of the art.

die Wabe

die Wabe, analog interactive sculpture by Dominik Jais

Die Wabe (German for „the comb“) is an analog (or even digital) interactive sculpture (installation?) especially created for the landing of the C74 in November 2015.


Fortress of solidarity selector

Fortress of solidarity selector - interactive installation

The „Fortress of solidarity selector“ is an interactive video platform. The user puts a color stick into a tube to play and watch videos. The player starts as soon as one of the color sticks is put into the tube. The 3d-printed tube and the color stick lights during the playback.

It is important to note that all parts expect the 3d-prints are abandoned materials like mc cases, found wood plates, etc.


you and me

interactive installation using LCD + Arduino

the question whether the viewer of the object is viewing the object or not. It is made of 3d-printed parts, an infrared sensor and an Arudino