Last Episode of the Ruhrpott series is online

The last episode of the Ruhrpott tetralogie is now online at Ruhrpott Part IV - long kiss goodby.

Article at Sydän-Hämeen Lehti about Dominik Jais

The local newspaper Sydän-Hämeen Lehti wrote an article about me and my show "are we the robots".

Are we the robots? Exhibition at Pääkirjasto Arkki Päkläne

I’m very happy to announce that my first exhibition in Finland will be at the Pälkäne Pääkirjasto Arkki.

from the Ruhrpott photo series part III

Right on time at the new years day I released the 3rd part of the Ruhrpott series.


When the "Ruhrpott Part One - a new City" went online I got many hits.

Gasometer Oberhausen

From 2008 to 2016 I was living in Essen, Germany. During that time I shot a lot of photos. I selected 100 photos which reflect my view of the city and its surroundings – the Ruhr-Area.


Over the past years the discussion about the popular graffiti artist Banksy has come to a point where I have concluded that


For the last 4 month I was working on a second series of the faces series. It is now ready.

Processed avatar image

In Facebook I have downloaded all friends avatars. The avatars were then processed by me using a modified Processing script.

Dominik Jais book cover of Floppydiskism I - the years 10 to 15

In October 2015 I released my first book. It's a documentation about my artistic artwork on the term floppydiskism and diskism. It contais 68 sites, printed on 200g paper. All photos are in color.

On the planet - outside the C74

On the 6th of November 2015 the group 128byte opened its second exhibition in the gallery „Clowns und Pferde“.

WBK Essen - Exhibition Gegen den Strom Flyer

From the 8th of November 2015 to the 29th of November 2015 I will be part of the exhibition "Gegen den Strom" together with my colleagues of the WBK Essen.


In 2014 the spaceship C74 was on a journey through space. After 1 year of travel the ship and its crew reached its destination.


Togther with 15 colleges from the WBK (Werkkreis Bildender Künstler Ruhr) I will show 3 of my artworks at the Contemporar Art Ruhr (C.A.R) 20

About RKB and WBKs exhibition "die Neuen" in the local news

The local press, WAZ, has written about the exhibition "die Neuen" (German for "the new ones") very positive.

interactive abondend hardware sculpture "the speach"

Building the „the speach“ took me about 1 year (not consecutive). The idea of it was there for years, but the realization took ages.

Einladung "die neuen" exhbition

From the 26th of April to the 10th of May some of my artworks will be shown at the group show "die neuen" at Forum Kunst und Architektur Essen.

Inside the space ship C74 - an interactive art room-in-a-room installation

The space ship C74 has reached its destination on the 28th of November 2014. The crew members all from board.


The artist group 128 byte is preparing the space ship C74 at the galery Clowns & Pferde, Essen, Germany.


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