the faces II

Series of faces. Social algorithm avatar processing. If you like one of your own -> Get in contact.

All the photos shown here are taken from silk screened floppy disks. They exist in real.

silk screened 3.5" floppy disk - artwork - TH Culhane, National Geographics explorer,#biogas Guru.


TH Culhane, National Geographics explorer, Founder of Solar C³ITIES. #biogas Guru.

Silkscren of Michi on a 3.5" floppy disk. Contemporary artwork


Michi, aka DJ Cosinus. He is label DJ and Producer for the GOA label Sangoma Records. 

silk screened 3.5" floppy disk - artwork - Olaf Printmaster Guru


Many thanks go to Olaf, prinmaster Guru at the TBK Solingen. He tought me silk screening.

Silkscren of Klaus on a 3.5" floppy disk. Contemporary artwork- light green version

Klaus I

A portrait of Klaus, a friend of mine. Together we organized Drupal Camps in Essen, Ruhr Area, Germany.

<p>Chips, ICs, Integrated Circuits. Art made from them.
Great artworks and contemporary art can be produced using the collage technique.
floppydiskism is about everything that can be done with floppy disks in an art context.
hdd is short fo Hard Disk Drive.
The most unique room-in-room installations. Find yourself inside a space ship and on an abandoned planet.
Using micro controllers and different type of sensors, motors, etc. to put the spectator into the driver seat.
polar drawings are most unique pieces of modern, contemporary art.
Upcycling means the usage of abandoned materials to create something new.