Artist Dominik Jais

Against the background of his technically oriented education it is not surprising that technology turns out to be a core element of his artistic work. Combined with his keen interest in environmental issues and a conviction of the importance of movement and progress Dominik creates sculptures and images which strongly appeal to the spectator, challenging their views on topics like religion, nature or environmental pollution. Many of his art works invite the spectator to overcome the distance and to become part of the creative process.

Broadening the perspective is important for Dominik both in his work and in his life. Always open for new impressions he likes travelling around the world or strolling through the streets of the city. Sometimes he gains inspiration by silence or sound, then again by words or images.

Dominik enjoys expressing himself in various ways, working with physical material such as hardware components and floppy disks but also embracing more abstract means of expression like computer graphics or sounds. New techniques are most welcome to him - as long as they are in line with his principles. From his point of view, art must not produce any additional waste but rather ought to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. Therefore, upcycling remains one of Dominik’s favourite methods for creating art. Text by Yasmin Schwetz



01.03 - 31.03 - are we the robots @ Pääkirjasto Arkki Pälkäne


06.11 - 29.11 - Gegen den Strom @ Forum Kunst und Architektur, Essen 06.11 - 28.11 - Das schöne Raumschiff kehrt zurück @ Gallery Clowns & Pferde, Essen 30.10. - 01.11 - C.A.R. - Contemporary Art Ruhr, Group exhibtion 26.04 - 10.05 - "die Neuen" @ Forum Kunst und Architketur, Essen


07.11.14 - 28.11.14 - C47 - part of the group show and solo show at the atelier room, Gallery Clowns & Pferde, Essen 24-26.10.14 - C.A.R - Contemporary Art Ruhr, group exhibition together with WBK Essen 28.05.14 - 06.06.14 viisikko, group exhibition, Gallery KARO, Essen 01/2014 - 02/2014 Early Works, solo show, Kanzlei Kötter, Essen


31.11.2013 Torii at Boba.Boba, Essen 03/2013 Fill the Empty Space, group exhibition, EmptySpace, Gelsenkirchen


Meet Ends Need at Kleines Theater, Essen

before 2010

2010 UpH Allstars, group exhibition, at Unperfekthaus, Essen 2010 Digitale Demenz, solo show at Unperfekthaus, Essen