Privacy Policy

This is the private website of Dominik Jais. Please be advised that I don't represent any legal entity here and therefore don't need to apply any privacy policy. But as I'm an internet user as you are I like to keep this straight and easy to understand. Please find a small "Privacy Policy" below. If you have any question contact me via the contact form

Cookies / Tracking

At we use cookies to track your visits. Tracking data is send to our own instance of Matomo, an Open Source tool. No 3rd parties have access to that data. You can opt out of tracking below and we of course adhere to the "do-not-track" function which you can set in your browser.

Contact form

Using the contact form means that you consent that we can use the info you sent us to get in contact with you.


By subscribing with your e-mail address to our newsletter you consent that we can use your e-mail address to send you updates about You can unsubscribe from that newsletter at any time. We use Mailchimp to sent the Newsletter. You can check Mailchimps Privacy Policy at


At we use different video providers. Those providers might place their own tracking and they have their own privacy policy. Youtubes' is at Vimeos' is at


We offer the possibility to share your thoughts by comments. In order to publish a comment we need your e-mail address. This is mandatory. The used e-mail address will only by visible to us and is only used at the comment or to get in contact with you if your comment needs clarification.

Log files

As we host on our own server no 3rd party has access to our logfiles. In that logfiles all for the webserver necessary information is stored, for example your IP, your browser type and version, whether or not a connection was made, etc. In a case of violation of law we will hand out the log files.