Dominik Jais is working with mixed media, mostly old computer parts like floppy disks, hard drives and circuit boards. His art is a continuous reflection about humanism, the human habitat and environment. Find selected works in the artwork section.

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The local newspaper Sydän-Hämeen Lehti wrote an article about me and my show "are we the robots". The article is available online as well.

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“Do you remember snow” is about recycling materials used in media. The sculpture is made of MC cases. 4 of these ca… hour 20 min ago
3D reverse. From the Berlin series. Its mixed media. A combination of photography and silk screening. hours 19 min ago
good ol Steve. Portait on floppy disks. day 23 hours ago
today, a self portrait. multi color serigraphy on floppy disks. Haunting, or? days 22 hours ago
die Wabe - , 3 days 1 hour ago