Using micro controllers and different type of sensors, motors, etc. to put the spectator into the driver seat.

Interactive art usually takes up a lot of time and is multidisciplinary. You have to imagine that additionally to creating a sculpture you also have to know coding, electronics, different type of technology, especially 3D-printing.

In our modern world most artists hand over the interactive / electronic part to someone who knows better. The interactive artworks you find here are entirely created by me.

Fortress of solidarity selector - interactive installation

Fortress of solidarity selector

The „Fortress of solidarity selector“ is an interactive video platform.

die Wabe, analog interactive sculpture by Dominik Jais

die Wabe

Die Wabe (German for „the comb“) is an analog (or even digital) interactive sculpture (installati

interactive installation using LCD + Arduino

you and me

the question whether the viewer of the object is viewing the object or not.

The Kurbel - interactive art installation

The Kurbel

Kurbel is an interactive installation consisting of 2 cranks (Kurbel is German for crank), 2 Game

Art made of Hard drive parts - modern and contemporary - Icons of Speed

Icons of Speed I

Distance sensor meassuring the distance of the viewer to the object.

Shapes of mine - interactiv generative art installation by Dominik Jais

Shapes of mine

Shapes of mine is an interactive installation, precisely it is interactive generative art

interactive Floppy disk sculpture by Dominik Jais

A question of speach

The interactive sculpture "A question of speach" shows how people react to a continuous low fidel

Icons of Speed - interactiv sculpture, modern and contemporary

Icons of Speed II

The Icons of Speed series is an interactive object made of hard drive motors and hard drive plates.

interactive installation about the Snowden whistle blowing scandal

enjoy the silence

"Enjoy the silence" is an interactive beamer installation about peoples choice.

Fill the EmptySpace - interactive 3.5 floppy disk sculpture by artist Dominik Jais

The freedom of choice

The interactive sculpture tackles the question of surrogate religion. At what point does a brand, a product or a medium, such as for example the Internet or the belief in it, acquire attributes similar to those of a religion?

Do you remember snow - music cassette cases sculpture by Dominik Jais

Do you remember snow

"(How) Do you remember snow" is about how I remember snow.
"Do you remember snow" is about recycling materials used in media.

The sculpture is made of MC cases. 4 of these cases holding image foil prints with a paper background. The prints can be exchanged.

A sonar sensor tracks the distance of the viewer to the sculpture and brings up LEDs behind the MC cases while the viewer comes closer to the sculpture. Once the viewer is very close all LEDs are up and the viewer can see all 4 images.
The sculpture is a kind of photo frame which only uses up power when someone really views it.

old mc cases made a lamp - interactive sculpture made of abandoned materials

this aint manhattan

“This aint Manhattan” is a 3 layer interactive sculpture - a tower made of MC cases.

yet another floppy disc cube - 3 x 3 floppy disks

yet another floppy disc cube

Als ich den Dross noch im schaltWerk Elektroniklabor hängen hatte wurde ich von jedem der die Sku

<p>Chips, ICs, Integrated Circuits. Art made from them.
Great artworks and contemporary art can be produced using the collage technique.
floppydiskism is about everything that can be done with floppy disks in an art context.
hdd is short fo Hard Disk Drive.
The most unique room-in-room installations. Find yourself inside a space ship and on an abandoned planet.
Using micro controllers and different type of sensors, motors, etc. to put the spectator into the driver seat.
polar drawings are most unique pieces of modern, contemporary art.
Upcycling means the usage of abandoned materials to create something new.