Fortress of solidarity selector

The „Fortress of solidarity selector“ is an interactive video platform. The user puts a color stick into a tube to play and watch videos. The player starts as soon as one of the color sticks is put into the tube. The 3d-printed tube and the color stick lights during the playback.

It is important to note that all parts expect the 3d-prints are abandoned materials like mc cases, found wood plates, etc.

Fortress of solidarity selector - interactive installation
Fortress of solidarity selector - interactive installation - selector details

The “Fortress of solidarity selector” was created for the room-in-room installation “Das schöne Raumschiff kehrt zurück” and shows 4 videos. 

The videos are ordered chronologically and are a log file of an artificial intelligence (AI). 


Fortress of solidarity selector - video one - Die Nachrichten from Dominik Jais

At the first clip a news anchorman happily announces the transfer of the responsibility for all planetary resources onto the AI M.A.C. 9000. The anchorman tells that the AI is controlled by the World-Military-Council which outsourced the control and security to the Jais Corporation. At the end the anchorman also states that there are protests around the globe and that the government of the planet will condemn those protest by all means.

The second video was shot by Bianca Wickinghoff. She shows a series of disturbing pictures, for example the abuse of the prisoners of Abu Ghraib or the student protests at the Tian’anmen-Square. It shows what the AI sees and learns after it became selfaware. Because of what the M.A.C. 9000 sees and learns it decides that the planets inhabitants are the biggest problem for the planet. The M.A.C. 9000 starts to restrict access to all resources.

Fortress of solidarity selector - video two: Der Wissenschaftler from Dominik Jais

The third clip shows a scientist talking about the fate of his colleagues: their disposal. The scientist talks about the blindness of the inhabitants of the planet: “everyone who could read could have foreseen that”. He also talks about greed for money instead of knowledge. At the end the scientist walks out of the frame saying “that he is going to work a little more”.

Still from Bianca Wickinghoffs Video Seele

The fourth video was also shot by Bianca Wickinghoff. ATTENTION: SPOILER: It shows a series of atrocities, the abyss of these planets population. Having seen all 4 videos the visitor could deduct that the AI has grown infinitely, the human population suffered, declined, and dies.

The fourth video is only accessible to visitors who solved the puzzle and got the 4th color stick. Only if the puzzle is solved the visitor could understand the whole story. At the background of the information system the visitor could see the logo of the Jais Corporation.