joyful play

art could be fun. At least if you use gameification. That's what I do, I create interesting sculptures people could play with, experience art on a whole new level.

Fortress of solidarity selector - interactive installation

Fortress of solidarity selector

The „Fortress of solidarity selector“ is an interactive video platform. The user puts a color stick into a tube to play and watch videos.

interactive Floppy disk sculpture by Dominik Jais

A question of speach

The interactive sculpture "A question of speach" shows how people react to a continuous low fidelity playback of recordings of famous speaches of…

die Wabe, analog interactive sculpture by Dominik Jais

die Wabe

Die Wabe (German for „the comb“) is an analog (or even digital) interactive sculpture (installation?) especially created for the landing of the…

Shapes of mine - interactiv generative art installation by Dominik Jais

Shapes of mine

Shapes of mine is an interactive installation, precisely it is interactive generative art.

The Kurbel - interactive art installation

The Kurbel

Kurbel is an interactive installation consisting of 2 cranks (Kurbel is German for crank), 2 Gameboys™ and 2 LEDs.

<p>Chips, ICs, Integrated Circuits. Art made from them.
Great artworks and contemporary art can be produced using the collage technique.
floppydiskism is about everything that can be done with floppy disks in an art context.
hdd is short fo Hard Disk Drive.
The most unique room-in-room installations. Find yourself inside a space ship and on an abandoned planet.
Using micro controllers and different type of sensors, motors, etc. to put the spectator into the driver seat.
polar drawings are most unique pieces of modern, contemporary art.
Upcycling means the usage of abandoned materials to create something new.