joyful play

art could be fun. At least if you use gameification. That's what I do, I create interesting sculptures people could play with, experience art on a whole new level.

Fortress of solidarity selector - interactive installation

Fortress of solidarity selector


The „Fortress of solidarity selector“ is an interactive video platform. The user puts a color stick into a tube to play and watch videos.

Contains video material
interactive Floppy disk sculpture by Dominik Jais

A question of speach

ca. 10 x 15 x 20 cm

The interactive sculpture "A question of speach" shows how people react to a continuous low fidelity playback of recordings of famous speaches of... Read more

die Wabe, analog interactive sculpture by Dominik Jais

die Wabe

ca. 37 x 18 x 18 cm

Die Wabe (German for „the comb“) is an analog (or even digital) interactive sculpture (installation?) especially created for the landing of the... Read more

Contains video material
Shapes of mine - interactiv generative art installation by Dominik Jais

Shapes of mine


Shapes of mine is an interactive installation, precisely it is interactive generative art.

The Kurbel - interactive art installation

The Kurbel


Kurbel is an interactive installation consisting of 2 cranks (Kurbel is German for crank), 2 Gameboys™ and 2 LEDs.