Do you remember snow

“(How) Do you remember snow” is about how I remember snow. “Do you remember snow” is about recycling materials used in media. The sculpture is made of MC cases. 4 of these cases hold image foil prints with a paper background. The prints can be exchanged. A sonar sensor tracks the distance of the viewer to the sculpture and brings up LEDs behind the MC cases while the viewer comes closer to the sculpture. Once the viewer is very close all LEDs are up and the viewer can see all 4 images. The sculpture is a kind of photo frame which only uses up power when someone really views it.

In creating this piece, I focused on the concept of environmental art. Each element reflects my dedication to sustainable practices and creative reuse. The sculpture features four music cassette cases, each intricately housing an image foil print against a paper backdrop. These prints are not just static elements; they are designed to be interchangeable, embodying the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of art and memory.

Through 'Do you remember snow,' I aim to make a statement in the world of environmental art. It's more than a sculpture; it's a part of my artistic journey, urging both fellow artists and the audience to reconsider our relationship with everyday materials. This work is my invitation to viewers to delve into a world where art intersects with environmental consciousness, and where the stories we tell are intertwined with the materials we choose to use."

Do you remember snow - music cassette cases sculpture by Dominik Jais
Do you remember snow sculpture by Dominik Jais
Do you remember snow sculpture by Dominik Jais
mc case sculpture - upcyling