The space ship returned and succeeded

Grand opening of "das schöne Raumschiff kehrt zurück"
Grand opening of "das schöne Raumschiff kehrt zurück" - on the planet

The grand opening of “the beautiful space ship returns” was outstanding. People had to stand and wait on the street in front of the gallery in order to get onto the planet. A gamified interactive installation in that size during an opening was never ever done before. Critics were mostly positive. During the 3 weeks running time and the corresponding 2 open days per week we had many visitors. Some of them visited the gallery for the first time; some of them even came the long way from Hamburg.

Most visitors were totally fascinated by what we created. Some of them, especially art teachers, said that art is not to be touched or played with. I acknowledged that but I think art is much more than painting, drawing or sculpting. We are in the 21th century – we have the technology to create interactive art – and I create interactive art.

From our sponsor, the City of Essen, we didn’t hear anything. We approached and invited them several times. I guess that if our exhibition would have been hold in the Kunsthaus Essen then official representative of the city, like Mr. Bomheuer, would have visited his old friend Uwe Schramm.
Other official bodies like Folkwang professors or FADB teachers didn’t show up either. I guess that ignoring art that is different to what they are used to (photography, painting, drawing, and sculpting) is simply not on their lists. How old and outmoded their master degrees are.

However, among the open-minded visitors the exhibition was a much-praised success.

Photos by André Schiegler & Bianca Wickinghoff