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The grand opening of “the beautiful space ship returns” was outstanding. People had to stand and wait on the street in front of the gallery in order to get onto the planet. A gamified interactive installation in that size during an opening was never ever done before. Critics were mostly positive.

In 2014 the spaceship C74 was on a journey through space. After 1 year of travel the ship and its crew reached its destination. Coming out of hyper space and hibernation the crew finds itself still in space not knowing where and when they are. The C74 autopilot is approaching a planet.

The artist group 128 byte is preparing the space ship C74 at the galery Clowns & Pferde, Essen, Germany. I'm part of this group and I'm delighted to announce that some of my gamification installations will be part of the show. I will show my latest artwork of floppydiskism at the galery room of the galery. While visitors have to wait for boarding they can view my artwork.