Hard drive art at C.A.R Essen, Germany

Together with my colleges of the WBK Essen (Werkkreis Bildender Künstler) I will be at the C.A.R (contemporary art ruhr) 2014 October show.


The official Kunstspur 2014 leaflet (PDF) shows my name as part of the KARO artist


It has taken lots of thinking and planning but the decision has been made: I will leave the Produzentengalerie Karo Kunst in der Kasteienstraße asap.


Over the past 12 month I went to the printing department of a school in order to silk screen art.


Clever artworks, especially sculptures are nowadays designed in a way making it possible to decompose it. Art mustn't live for centuries. I'd like my art to vanish into thin air - which might be not possible because I most of the time use plastic, especially Floppy Disks.

The sculpture in the Video was standing on the balcony of a German artist house. Over 1 1/2 years wind, rain, ice, snow has clogged the floppy disks. Many labels were gone, many labels where illegible - BUT: the plastic is still in good, or even perfect shape.

Plastic is the hostage of humanity - and we are still using it for mass-produce.

Check the time leaps video "Decompose sculpture"

Flyer of viisikko, exhibtion in the Karo Produzentengalerie in the Nordstadt Essen

"viisikko" are the 5 artists Aujik, Dominik Jais, Renate Schütz, schaltWerk, and Bianca Wickinghoff. Each off them is a specialist on a certain topic / type of art.


From February 2014 on my new atelier will be at the KARO Produzentengalerie.


In the Tokyo district of Harjuku, going kawaii spotting is easy. Whether in sushi bars, the temples of karaoke or in the many kawaii shops, cuteness is everywhere you look.


There will be a group exhibition from the 01.03.13 to 30.03.13 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. More infos will follow soon.


The first Essen Artwalk took place from 7th - 9th September 2012. Various galleries, shops and theatres joined in establishing an extensive art precinct in the Essener district Nordstadt.


From the 7th ot the 9th of September 2012 the first Essen Artwalk will take place.


We have opened the schaltWerk in January. In the broadest sense it deals with a "Hackspace". The alignment is more towards art and less towards construction of robots.


The schaltWerk, a place for interactive art and electronics, opened on 27/2 its doors at the Unperfekthaus.


From the 01st of April to the 30th of June 2011 two of my paintings are on show at the Unperfekthaus Essen (UPH).


In Januar 2011 I released my latest album: "Marvin Hook - Possible".


At the moment I'm working on some new series. First one is called "The Cycles" and is acrylicis on 60x80cm canvas.


It was one of those stormy rainy days you don't wanna go out at. It was that stormy that most public transport in Essen was out of order.


The photos are all taken during 2001 - 2005, mostly in Berlin / Paris / Finland. It's about the impossibility of the sustainability of cities.


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