hard drive

Hard drives are ubiquotios available. They are replaced by SSDs now. Means that hard drives become available.

The Birds IV

light object artwork - The Birds IV by Dominik Jais

Silk screening on 3.5" hard drive plate as well as silk screening on wood. Additional lightin behind the wood plate. The wood plate has a lot of holes that support the print of the eye on the hard drive plate


The Birds III

The Birds III - silk screen artwork by dominik jais

The birds series is pretty special. It consists of a silk screened hard drive plate connected to a silk screened wooden plate. The hard drive plate is rotatable, therefore the artwork can be adjusted by the viewer (or buyer, or owner) 


Ruhrgebiet III

Ruhrgebiet III - silk screen on computer hard drive - contemporary art

When I first saw the Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr-Area, Germany) from one of the remaining slag heaps I recognized all the chimneys, all the industry. They and their smoke are very typical for this area.


Mirror, Mirror on the wall - who is the sustainabelst of them all?

Art made of Hard drive parts - modern and contemporary

Mirror, Mirror on the wall - who is the sustainabelst of them all? Art made of Hard drive parts


Icons of Speed I

Art made of Hard drive parts - modern and contemporary - Icons of Speed

Distance sensor meassuring the distance of the viewer to the object. Once the viewer reaches a certain point of distance the hard drive motor starts spinning the hard drive plate.


Icons of Speed II

Icons of Speed - interactiv sculpture, modern and contemporary

The Icons of Speed series is an interactive object made of hard drive motors and hard drive plates.


are you certain? (or do you still believe in politics)

Silk screen on hard drive disk. unique. first, awesome upcyling by artist Dominik Jais

Part of the brave new words series. Are you certain is the queston the viewer has to answer. The smaller letters in the background form words like SSL, Encryption, Wikileaks, Whistleblowing, etc. The brave new word series reflect on the words we learned since Edward Snowden leaked the NSA documents.

Silk screening on an open 3.5" hard drive driv. The print is protected by acrylic glass.


many stars

many stars - hard drive parts on canvas

Since SSDs affordable now hard drives got more and more replaced by SSDs. They are faster, make no noise and resist physical impacts better than hard drives. Since that old hard drives are available for recycling. But instead of recycling them I cycle them up. I'm working with hard drive parts for a long time now. This is from my 2009 series showing write / read headers stitched on canvas.




Capazity - a hard drives story - Chipart by Dominik Jais

On "Capacity" I used old hard drive components like heads and plates. It takes ages to dismantle a hard drive, especially the 2,5" ones.