exhibition "viisikko"

Flyer of viisikko, exhibtion in the Karo Produzentengalerie in the Nordstadt Essen
Exhibition "viisikko" - Galerie Karo
opening the exhibtion viisikko by Dominik Jais at the Produzentengalerie Karo Kunst in der Kasteienstraße
Visitors viewing Bianca Wickinghoffs virtuall rooms
Dominik Jais sitting before his interactive art sculpture

"viisikko" are the 5 artists Aujik, Dominik Jais, Renate Schütz, schaltWerk, and Bianca Wickinghoff. Each off them is a specialist on a certain topic / type of art. Aujik is famous for his animations. Dominik Jais is well known as Mr. Floppydiskism, working mostly with abandoned hardware to create appealing contemporary art and interactive art installations. Reante Schütz specialises in nature and medicine photography. schaltWerk's subject is machines. Bianca Wickinghoff owns the gallery "Clowns und Pferd" (Essen, Geramny). She creates virtueal and real spaces / installations.

The show is running at the Gallery Karo Kunst in der Kasteienstraße in the Kreativquariter Nordstadt in Essen, Germany.

Find some picture from the opening. Photos below by Annette Schnitzler.