Who the wind blows

Where the wind blows - floppy disk artwork about environmental pollution

Germany is advanced in wind power. We have those modern "wind mills" everywhere. AND: thats good. We can't rely on fosile fuels. Sooner or later oil and gas is gone. AND: what then?

To give some more background about this artwork.
Over the past years the discussion about the popular graffiti artist Banksy came to a point were I concluded that 1. Banksy can't be one person, because the amount of work produced is simply too much for one person. 2. As work that is categorized as Banksys and no one really knows the person or the group creating the work each and everyone could be Banksy. So Banksy itself is not a group. It is a synonym for a style of art.

So I created the work "Who the wind blows" using gauge style and a political statement and (that is now important) not spray painting it but silk screening it. So basically I full field the categories for being classified as a Banksy (remember, I think of Banksy as a style and not a person).

When we put the artwork in front of many people during an art exhibition the people said "ah, this looks like a Banksy". The tone was pretty condesending because the people didn't get the concept of Banksy as a style. No one ever talked about the actual artwork and its political statement but about that it does look like a Banksy.

How small people think.

ca 20x20cm