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Building the „the speach“ took me about 1 year (not consecutive). The idea of it was there for years, but the realization took ages. I first got an mp3 player which I took apart according to the how-to from Make Magazine. What I didn’t think of was the internal voltage of this player.

Clever artworks, especially sculptures are nowadays designed in a way making it possible to decompose it. Art mustn't live for centuries. I'd like my art to vanish into thin air - which might be not possible because I most of the time use plastic, especially Floppy Disks. The sculpture in the Video was standing on the balcony of a German artist house. Over 1 1/2 years wind, rain, ice, snow has clogged the floppy disks. Many labels were gone, many labels where illegible - BUT: the plastic is still in good, or even perfect shape. Plastic is the hostage of humanity - and we are still using it for mass-produce. Check the time leaps video "Decompose sculpture"