just the coffee

just the coffee - more protest against the current systems

When I came to Dublin on the 10of December the biggest protest march in modern Irish history was on. I was walking along side the entrance to Trinity College I came along the take away coffee cups. Take aways are the worst what modern human history has developed. It creates piles of trash that nearly never got recycled. (Ok there are now many recycleables arround) But mostly they just got burned - in order to get recycled they need to get in the right trash bin (you really think that happens - don't you?).

They basically show what the majority of humans are hunting for: time. It has become that convenient to buy something somewhere and consume at a different place. We don't have time to sit down, enjoy, drink, etc. It's such a shame what we have became. We, the people of this planet, has deserved better than being used as consuments. We have to get behind industry, their waste, their products, their ideas. We have to get far behind what the last century did to us and this planet without letting the benefits go. It will take everything in our power - but it is now time to get it done. AND, we get it done.

We have allready started but there has to be more of us. More protesters, more people talking. More people taking action.

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