brave new words

When Snowden happend everything changed. The public finaly did know about what some expected for long: We have been spyed on.

paper cut artwork - addled fruits

addled fruits

it's just a fruit. nothing more.

Pflicht by Dominik Jais - an artwork about the Snowden incident


Zwietracht, Pflicht, Gefangenschaft - discord, duty, bondage.

Do you TRUST? by Dominik Jais - modern artwork

Do you TRUST?

Whom and why do we trust? What is trust? From the brave new words series.

geteert und gefedert, by Dominik Jais - a modern artwork

geteert und gefedert

Pieces of a printed illustration cut and then rearranged into the shape of an eagle. From the brave new words series.

Schland - the shape of the country Germany - perforated paper artwork


How does Germany’s shape look on the map? It has changed over years. This artwork shows the shape of the country Germany in the borders of 2013.…

Bundeseigentum by Dominik Jais - a modern artwork


The ground laying work on the Brave new Words series. Everything started with the disk in the middle.

Silk screen on hard drive disk. unique. first, awesome upcyling by artist Dominik Jais

are you certain? (or do you still believe in politics)

Part of the brave new words series. Are you certain is the queston the viewer has to answer.

interactive installation about the Snowden whistle blowing scandal

enjoy the silence

"Enjoy the silence" is an interactive beamer installation about peoples choice.

GG tattered - from the brave new words series - contemporary artwork

GG tattered

The German Grundgesetz - this time tattered

<p>Chips, ICs, Integrated Circuits. Art made from them.
Great artworks and contemporary art can be produced using the collage technique.
floppydiskism is about everything that can be done with floppy disks in an art context.
hdd is short fo Hard Disk Drive.
The most unique room-in-room installations. Find yourself inside a space ship and on an abandoned planet.
Using micro controllers and different type of sensors, motors, etc. to put the spectator into the driver seat.
polar drawings are most unique pieces of modern, contemporary art.
Upcycling means the usage of abandoned materials to create something new.