Last Episode of the Ruhrpott series is online

The last episode of the Ruhrpott tetralogie is now online at Ruhrpott Part IV - long kiss goodby.

from the Ruhrpott photo series part III

Right on time at the new years day I released the 3rd part of the Ruhrpott series.


When the "Ruhrpott Part One - a new City" went online I got many hits.

Gasometer Oberhausen

From 2008 to 2016 I was living in Essen, Germany. During that time I shot a lot of photos. I selected 100 photos which reflect my view of the city and its surroundings – the Ruhr-Area.


The photos are all taken during 2001 - 2005, mostly in Berlin / Paris / Finland. It's about the impossibility of the sustainability of cities.

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