Photography about finland

The country in the north. Population is round about 5 Millions. The language is difficult but interesting.

Juha and the Cat

Juha and the Cat

Cathrine Dolleris and Juha Ujula at the Nordic Permaculture Festival, Finland.

The seats at a nearly empty plane in the sky of Finland

Flight I

When we booked our flight to Helsinki we found that without any additional costs we could have an connecting flight from Helsinki to Tampere.

Growing the seeds of the future

Growing the seeds

Growing the seeds of the future.

A ant sitting on a flower.

Ant II

Ants do a great job when there are no bees around. Don*t forget about the ants. They are great pollinators.

Field of dandelions in sunshine


Dandelions grow everywhere in Finland. They are a pioneer plant and used to rough surroundings.

Coffee and pulla, a traditional finish meal

Coffe and pulla

Home made pulla. What else would you want?

Detail photo of an ant sitting on a plant leave

Ants I

Close-up photo of an ant sitting on a plant leave.

White tulip in sunshine

White tullip

a White tulip in perfect lightning.

Kahvia ja pulla

Kahvia ja pulla

Kahvia and pulla are most important in Finland. Take a chance and grab one or two or more.

laying in the grass looking upwards


laying in the grass looking upwards

A still live taken at a bath at a mökki in Finland

Still I

A still live taken at a bath at a mökki in Finland.

bucket full of screws

while walking around in Joensuu, Finland, we found this bucket full of screws at the train station backyard.

A desk at a Café in Laitikkala, Finland


In the near of where we stay in Laitikkala is a nice Café. We used to go there often and have some coffee and pulla.

joki II

Joki ist Finnisch und meint einen Fluß. Bei der Aufnahme ist die Kamera kurz vor dem Wasser und taucht fast schon ein.

tontun talo - snow on a small building

the Tontun Talo at the land of snow

it's bitter cold but I was invited for coffee, tee and joulutorttu.

Juhannus rosut with fly

Juhannus rosut

I was walking arround the field while looking for flowers. I came across a bush of Juhannus roses.

kokko I

Taken at a Finnish Juhannus party (Midsummer) -

super kuu

Ein Super Mond ist der schönste und größte Vollmond eines Jahres.

Arriving with the ferry in Helsinki.


Arriving with the ferry in Helsinki, looking toward industry chimneys near the city centre.

Passengers leaving the ferry at Helsinki, Finland

Ferries, day at the sea

Passengers leaving the ferry at Helsinki, Finland.

A dandelion ready to be blown away


A dandelion ready to be blown away.

Proper plane in the sky of Finland

Flight II

Proper plane in the sky of Finland.

A boat at the beach of Faro, Portugal, during low tide

into the blue

In April 2015 I went to Portugal for the 2nd Tameran Blueprint meeting.

A closer lock at flowers at Stone Barns, New York, USA

the 7 states

In March 2016 Lumia and I travelled 7 US states. We were invited by Solar C³ITIES INC, a non-for-profit organization based in Pennsylvania.

Miss Liberty - or what is visible of her

NYC spring

In 2014 I followed an invitation by SolarC³ITIES TH Culhane to visit NYC, Dobbs Ferry. It was the first time I went to the States.

The Park deck at the Essen Rathaus Gallery

Ruhrpott Part Three - return of the wiseguys

3rd Part of the Ruhrpott Quadrologie. I walked through the city several times at different hours.

BMX - zero gravity - in Berlin

I love Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany. I have to say: yes, I do love Berlin.

Shadows on the wall

a Finnish year

On the 25th of May 2016 I moved to Finland with my wife. We live on the countryside near the lovely small town Pälkäne.

A free wish - falling star during a night in Tamera, Portugal

oh my portugal

Visting Portugal / Tamera ecoVillage in September 2014 on invitation by Solar C³ities e.V. I joined the Blueprint, a group of like minded people…

Oslo Permanent

In 2019 I went to Oslo for the Nordic Institute…

Cuba - Havanna - A street

cuban affairs

Cigars, cars and landscapes. Photos from Cuba, the city of Havana, and Varadero