Photography Series Ruhrpott Part Four - long kiss goodbye

Part four of the Ruhrpott series. The final chapter. I was already torn away from Essen. More and more I was going into the direction of Wuppertal and Solingen. For me it felt better than being in the Ruhrpott. The problem is that there are so many cities, and the don't work close enough together. For me this is one city with one administration with one transportation system. But instead there a several many and no one has an interest to sort that shit out. I hope that sooner or later they can become the Metroplex they like to be. Glück auf Ruhrpott!

Where no one looks at

Where no one looks at

Where no one looks at focuses on places abandoned by humans. No one goes there, no one needs them, no one cares for.

Beyond the fasade

Beyond the fasad

Look at those yard, No flowers, no plants, nothing, just green.

Waiting for the bus in a cold dark morning

Waiting for the bus

When I went silk screening I got up early, actually that early that I had to take the bus instead of the 109 (which is always delayed, I never go…

Early S-bahn to Wuppertal

To Wuppertal

Catching the S-bahn in Essen Stehle, going to Wuppertal.

Industry no more

Industry no more

The industry is gone in the ruhr area but is still in use. Man of those old complexes got transferred into new recreation areas.

Photographing those taking photos

No stars, no wars

While taking a day off and visiting Duisburg we came across a photographing. Some people were dressed up as star wars characters.

Sundown in Essen,


Experimenting with an analogue tele. Was looking at the city hall of Essen.

Storm upon us in Essen

The storm is coming

The rainfall was that heavy that we couldn't see the water tower in the distance, the city hall wasn't visible as well.

Traffic lights

Traffic lights

Some traffic lights

A40, a waste of time

A waste of time

The A40 is blocked on many occasions. But its not just a waste of time it is literally waste.

Walking up the stairs to the viewing platform

Walking up the stairs

Walking up the stairs to the viewing platform

Industry landscape

Industry landscape

Industry landscape

Time for a drink, a bicycle rider takes a rest

The rest

Time for a drink, a bicycle rider takes a rest

Surveillance cams at a church in Essen

Surveillance mev

Surveillance cams at a church in Essen

The lock copy cats

The lock copy cats

The locks are everywhere, not just in Cologne, also in the Ruhr area.

Sundown in Essen

To the Hauptbahnhof

While walking to the Hauptbahnhof (main station) in Essen I saw that perfect alignment of the teletower at the far distance.

No bikes please

No bikes please

no bikes please. While Essen invests a lot in so called Schnellradwege (far distant bicycle roads) the don't do anything for bicycles in the city…

NGR, whatever it means


The pavement from Essen Ostviertel to the main station is (was?) full of waste. People threw everything just away.

Photographing those taking photos


I like photographing people taking photos.

The train at the Hespertalbahn

Hespertalbahn day

Riding the Hespertalbahn.

Shadows on the wall

a Finnish year

On the 25th of May 2016 I moved to Finland with my wife. We live on the countryside near the lovely small town Pälkäne.

A small transporter besides a tree at an ecovillage

Portuguese days

In September 2017 I went to Portugal to meet with the Blueprint Alliance.

Biogas experts discussing the production of a new biogas storage

biogas experimentation week

In August 2015 I went to Tamera for the 3rd Blueprint meeting and the Biogas experimentation week.

The Park deck at the Essen Rathaus Gallery

Ruhrpott Part Three - return of the wiseguys

3rd Part of the Ruhrpott Quadrologie. I walked through the city several times at different hours.

Sundown in Essen showing RWE Tower, Evonic

Ruhrpott Part Two - the night strikes back

Part two of the Ruhrpott Series. I visited Tiger and Turtle, helped a butterfly, opened the EmptySpace, and yes: I took a lots of sundown photos…

BMX - zero gravity - in Berlin

I love Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany. I have to say: yes, I do love Berlin.

A40 Essen at night

Ruhrpott Part One - a new city

Over 8 years I took a lot of photos. I started with a Canon 60D and then switched to a Sony Nex 7. Those bulky and heavy DSLRs are like dinosaurs…

A closer lock at flowers at Stone Barns, New York, USA

the 7 states

In March 2016 Lumia and I travelled 7 US states. We were invited by Solar C³ITIES INC, a non-for-profit organization based in Pennsylvania.

A boat at the beach of Faro, Portugal, during low tide

into the blue

In April 2015 I went to Portugal for the 2nd Tameran Blueprint meeting.