Photography Series Ruhrpott Part Three - return of the wiseguys

3rd Part of the Ruhrpott Quadrologie. I walked through the city several times at different hours. But with cities it is always the same: Nothing catches people more than artificial light and the glamour of the big cities. But Essen actually isn't glamorous. Where Berlin is "poor and sexy". Essen is "poor and poor". So the city is that poor that poor became a standard. The 3rd part is called "no return"

A musician performing a song at the Unperfekthaus in Essen


Klaus performing one of his songs at the Unperfekthaus

Duo Sunrise performing one of theirs songs at the Unperfekthaus, essen

Duo Sunrise

Duo Sunrise performing their songs at the Unperfekthaus.

View from inside a tram behind the driver looking towards the station Zeche Zollverein


View from inside a tram behind the driver looking towards the station Zeche Zollverein.

A historical tram in Essen, Germany

Old and gold

A historical tram in Essen.

A tram passing by at the Aalto Theater in Essen

Inside out

While taking a walk through the city of Essen I came across the Aalto Theater.

The famous Aalto Theater in Essen, Germany, during a shower

Dark clouds

The Aalto Theater in Essen, designed by Finish star architect Alvar Aalto.

Couldn't hold the cam and shooting while walking


Somehow confused

The Limbecker Platz, Essen, shortly after Sundown

Consume your ass off

I was one my way to the Unperfekthaus to meet the Quadcopter club when I saw the advertisment lights at the shopping center Limbecker Platz.

The tower of the University of Essen during night


The green middle, a modernized area in the near of the university, isn't green at all.

The Park deck at the Essen Rathaus Gallery

Ride and Park

One of the loneliest places in Essen, at least at that time I took the photo. Some hours earlier our later it would look different.

A "no baby buggy" sign at one of the escalators in Essen, GErmany


Many people notice that sign. It is pretty obvious: No baby buggy.

An escalator at one of the subway stations in Essen


An escalator at one of the subway stations in Essen

A security cam at one of the subway stations in Essen, Germany


A security cam at one of the subway stations in Essen, Germany

The techno producer greeting a new track

The musician

Siggi is performing one of his electronic songs. Did you notice the T-Shirt he is wearing? Yes, Motörhead!

View onto the Steeler Straße on a very foggy night

The Fog

Once in a while the fog is in the streets of Essen.

A view into the Herwarthstraße, Essen, from above during night


Cars, cars, cars. Those cars need more space than the people. Streets are everywhere. Do you see bikes? No, of course not.

Furniture and crap thrown away on the street at Essen Südviertel


Just throw your stuff away. It isn't necessary to buy stuff that lasts longer; you are able to buy cheap stuff whenever you need it. Just go one…

Where no one looks at

Ruhrpott Part Four - long kiss goodbye

Part four of the Ruhrpott series. The final chapter. I was already torn away from Essen.

A small transporter besides a tree at an ecovillage

Portuguese days

In September 2017 I went to Portugal to meet with the Blueprint Alliance.

A free wish - falling star during a night in Tamera, Portugal

oh my portugal

Visting Portugal / Tamera ecoVillage in September 2014 on invitation by Solar C³ities e.V. I joined the Blueprint, a group of like minded people…

Oslo Permanent

In 2019 I went to Oslo for the Nordic Institute…

A boat at the beach of Faro, Portugal, during low tide

into the blue

In April 2015 I went to Portugal for the 2nd Tameran Blueprint meeting.

Cuba - Havanna - A street

cuban affairs

Cigars, cars and landscapes. Photos from Cuba, the city of Havana, and Varadero

Sundown in Essen showing RWE Tower, Evonic

Ruhrpott Part Two - the night strikes back

Part two of the Ruhrpott Series. I visited Tiger and Turtle, helped a butterfly, opened the EmptySpace, and yes: I took a lots of sundown photos…

to the north

from Germany to Denmark to Sweden to Finland - by train using a Interrail ticket.

BMX - zero gravity - in Berlin

I love Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany. I have to say: yes, I do love Berlin.