Photography about people

People, everywhere, somtimes many somtimes lonely.

The gazometer in Oberhausen crowded during a show

Die Männer im Mond

When we started in Essen we visited a lot of different places and sights. We also visited the Gasometer in Oberhausen.

A musician performing a song at the Unperfekthaus in Essen


Klaus performing one of his songs at the Unperfekthaus

People in a cage at the top of the Gasometer in Oberhausen

The cage

I often take photos of people taking photos. I really love to do that.

Duo Sunrise performing one of theirs songs at the Unperfekthaus, essen

Duo Sunrise

Duo Sunrise performing their songs at the Unperfekthaus.

catched the tiger

Taken at the famouse tiger and turtle magic mountain in Duisburg,…

People looking for books at the book thrift of the animal shelter in Essen, Germany

The Book thrift

I often went to the local animal shelter for their open day.

The techno producer greeting a new track

The musician

Siggi is performing one of his electronic songs. Did you notice the T-Shirt he is wearing? Yes, Motörhead!

Time for a drink, a bicycle rider takes a rest

The rest

Time for a drink, a bicycle rider takes a rest

Surplus team during a site visit in Tamera

Team site visit

Surplus team during a site visit in Tamera

Shadows on the wall

a Finnish year

On the 25th of May 2016 I moved to Finland with my wife. We live on the countryside near the lovely small town Pälkäne.

Sundown in Essen showing RWE Tower, Evonic

Ruhrpott Part Two - the night strikes back

Part two of the Ruhrpott Series. I visited Tiger and Turtle, helped a butterfly, opened the EmptySpace, and yes: I took a lots of sundown photos…

A free wish - falling star during a night in Tamera, Portugal

oh my portugal

Visting Portugal / Tamera ecoVillage in September 2014 on invitation by Solar C³ities e.V. I joined the Blueprint, a group of like minded people…

Where no one looks at

Ruhrpott Part Four - long kiss goodbye

Part four of the Ruhrpott series. The final chapter. I was already torn away from Essen.

BMX - zero gravity - in Berlin

I love Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany. I have to say: yes, I do love Berlin.

A small transporter besides a tree at an ecovillage

Portuguese days

In September 2017 I went to Portugal to meet with the Blueprint Alliance.

to the north

from Germany to Denmark to Sweden to Finland - by train using a Interrail ticket.

A black board in front of a vegetarian restaurant in Dublin, Ireland

the blue flame tour

In 2014 I went to Ireland for protest, permaculture and biogas.

The Park deck at the Essen Rathaus Gallery

Ruhrpott Part Three - return of the wiseguys

3rd Part of the Ruhrpott Quadrologie. I walked through the city several times at different hours.